How do you recover from a fractured pelvis?


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Recovery from a minor fracture of the pelvis requires the patient to limit the weight he puts on one or both legs by using crutches or a walker, according to OrthoInfo. Healing can take up to three months, during which the doctor may prescribe blood thinners to reduce the risk of blood clots due to limited mobility.

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Jogging or other athletic activity can cause minor stress fractures of the pelvis. However, high-energy accidents, such as falls or automobile accidents, often result in severe pelvic fractures that are sometimes life-threatening, warns OrthoInfo. These high-energy fractures often break the major pelvic ring in two or more places. They can put the patient at risk for internal bleeding or nerve and organ damage.

Recovery from the more serious fractures often requires the use of an external fixator. A surgeon attaches screws to both sides of the bone and connects them to an external frame to hold the pelvis in place. The treatment limits further internal damage as the bones heal.

From this point, the treatment team decides the best therapy on an individual basis. Some patients heal with the external fixator, while others require further surgery, inserting plates and pins that provide more stability for the bones, reports OrthoInfo.

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