How Do You Recover From Food Poisoning?


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A person can recover from food poisoning by taking medication, consuming plenty of fluids and taking prescribed antibiotics, according to eMedicineHealth. Getting plenty of rest is another solution that aids in recovery, reports Mayo Clinic.

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Some patients alleviate vomiting and nausea through the use of medication, notes eMedicineHealth. Parasitic forms of food poising may be prescribed antiparasitic medication. Bacterial and viral forms of poisoning are not treated with antibiotics, but pregnant women who suffer from listeriosis are an exception. There are numerous home remedies for food poisoning; drinking water at home can cure the illness, along with consuming drinks steeped in electrolytes, such as Gatorade and Pedialyte.

Children and adults who have chronic symptoms may need to be fed fluids intravenously, explains Mayo Clinic. Less serious cases can be remedied with such medications as bismuth subsalicylate and loperamide. A person who suffers from food poisoning should ensure that enough potassium, sodium and calcium are in the body to balance fluids. Not drinking or eating for a few hours can also lead to a faster recovery. Avoiding dairy products, alcohol and caffeine is important as well. A person should slowly transition back into eating by consuming easily digestible foods, such as bananas or soda crackers, as part of the recovery process.

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