How Do You Recover From Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery?


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Recovering from endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery involves a mix of physical therapy and careful use of the affected hand during the recovery period, says Johns Hopkins University. Recovery may take a few days or a few months, and patients may need to adjust their work habits during this time.

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Immediately following surgery, patients typically wear a heavy brace or splint for about a week, according Johns Hopkins Medicine. After the splint is removed, the patient can start a physical therapy program involving gentle hand motions designed to strengthen the muscles of the hand and speed the healing process.

Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery is used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition associated with repetitive stress injury, congenital predisposition or trauma, says Johns Hopkins Medicine. In the procedure, an endoscope — a thin, flexible tube with a camera attached to it — is inserted through a small incision into the wrist or wrist and palm, according to WebMD. Some endoscopes also have an attached cutting tool. Otherwise, a second incision is made and a microscopic cutting tool is inserted in that incision, where it cuts the transverse carpal ligament, relieving pressure on the median nerve and easing symptoms, says St. Francis Health.

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