How Do You Recover After Brain Aneurysm Surgery When a Clipping Procedure Is Performed?

Recovery from an open craniotomy, also known as aneurysm clipping surgery, depends on rest, general wellness practices and medication, according to the National Institute of Health's Medline. Patients usually recover within three to six weeks, although patients who experienced bleeding before or during surgery can take up to 12 weeks for recovery.

Patients with prior bleeding might suffer from neurological symptoms, including difficulty speaking, muscle weakness and a decrease in cognitive function. A patient with neurological damage may work with a speech therapist, occupational therapist or speech therapist to achieve full recovery. Some patients might be given antiseizure medication if they experienced a seizure before or during surgery, according to Medline.

Patients also often experience intense emotions after surgery. They may also need help completing household tasks during their recovery. Patients should avoid smoking and drinking. They should also keep their blood pressure under control, states Medline.

Patients recovering from clipping surgery need to contact a doctor if they experience a high fever, behavioral changes, nausea or vomiting, speech problems, lack of awareness, loss of balance or muscle coordination, eye problems, a stiff neck, bleeding, or signs of infection around the incision site.

Other patients experiencing a normal recovery need to see their doctor for follow-up care in the weeks following the surgery, according to Medline.