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Workout recovery, injury recovery and drug recovery all involve different processes, notes both Men's Fitness and WebMD. Self-control and a detailed program are two common factors among all processes.

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A person can recover from a workout by eating the appropriate foods and getting enough rest, as stated by Men's Fitness. Participating in the appropriate recovery process minimizes the risk of injury. Lean meat, quinoa, bananas and potatoes are some of the recommended food options. A person should also rest for a full day before working out a specific body part or muscle, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

Recovery from an injury involves a similar approach, as a person should look to consume foods high in vitamin C. Raw spinach and sliced strawberries are among the effective choices, as noted by Mayo Clinic. Protein-rich foods such as hamburgers and tuna assist with the process as well. In addition to a proper diet, a physical rehabilitation program may be necessary.

A person seeking recovery from drug abuse should consider the 12-step process, as stated by Recovery.org. This process promotes a recognition for change and consistent self-control. Seeking help, embracing new habits and finding treatment are also a part of this program. Prescription medication may also be a part of a drug recovery program, notes the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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