What Is the Recommended Treatment for a Bronchitis Cough?


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For a bronchitis cough, the recommended treatment is to follow doctor's orders on clearing mucus once it is coughed up, resting the body, drinking plenty of fluids every hour or 2 hours and taking cough medicine if prescribed, according to WebMD. The doctor may provide medication that can help to keep the patient from excessive coughing or that can help to dislodge mucus so that it can be coughed up.

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To avoid getting bronchitis, it is recommended that people do not smoke and that they stay away from those who do, as well as avoid staying near allergens or other lung irritations, getting enough sleep each night, eating healthy foods, washing hands on a regular basis and not sharing any kind of eating utensils, reports WebMD. It is also important to remember to rest for regular common colds because these can turn into bronchitis.

There are many other symptoms of bronchitis in addition to coughing including mucus production that may or may not have blood in it, shortness of breath, small fevers, chills, fatigue and chest pain, according to the MayoClinic. If a person has any of these symptoms for 3 weeks or longer then a trip to the doctor's office is necessary. If blood is present, then a trip to the doctor should be immediate.

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