What Is the Recommended Protocol to Prep for Defibrillator Surgery?


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Prep for the defibrillator surgery is simple and does not require the patient to perform any complicated tasks. Fasting is required, and the doctor's office will designate how long the patient must fast before the procedure. Some doctors will send home a packet of information that may include sanitizing wipes with instructions to clean the chest area before the surgery.

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Defibrillator surgery is the implantation of a pacemaker that helps the heart to function normally. If a doctor recommends defibrillator surgery, it is usually to help correct a heart arrhythmia, or for patients who suffer from electrical nerve damage in the heart following a heart attack, according to the National Institutes for Health.

The doctor will need to know what medications the patient takes, and if the patient has a history of heart valve disorders. If the patient takes a blood thinning medication, the doctor may recommend stopping the medication before the procedure. Patients with heart valve problems may need an antibiotic before the surgeon performs the surgery.

Pre-operative blood work is a normal part of the prep and may be done a few days before the procedure. Once at the hospital, the doctor will administer a sedative and use radiology technology to perform the procedure.

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