What Is the Recommended Post-Op Care for Rectocele Repair Surgery?


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After rectocele repair surgery, a catheter may remain in place for about five days to drain urine while the vaginal area heals, explains Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. There is usually mild vaginal bleeding after the surgery, and the patient should use pads rather than tampons. She can begin taking showers after two days but should avoid bathing or soaking in a pool until receiving permission from her doctor. Typical post-op medications include antibiotics, pain medicine and a stool softener.

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The patient should avoid activity that puts stress on the abdomen, lifting more than 10 pounds, and strenuous exercise for approximately four weeks following surgery, advises Memorial Sloan Kettering. She should also avoid sexual intercourse or tampon use until the doctor clears her to do so. The patient should call the doctor if she experiences symptoms such as fever, increased vaginal bleeding, severe bladder spasms, gastrointestinal distress or pain she cannot relieve with her prescribed medicine.

A rectocele is a condition in which the rectum begins to bulge into the vagina as a result of weakened muscles in the vaginal wall, says Memorial Sloan Kettering. It may also be a result of aging, menopause or childbirth. During a rectocele surgery, the doctor repairs the vaginal wall with stitches to prevent the rectum from prolapsing into it.

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