What Are Some Recommended Methods for Treating Seizures?


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Treatment for seizures primarily consists of taking steps to avoid injury and taking notes to assist medical professionals after the fact, notes WebMD. Preventative measures include removing furniture or sharp objects from the area, loosening restrictive clothing, keeping the individual from falling, and positioning him so that he does not choke on fluid buildup in the mouth. A responder also guides the patient to the floor and onto his side to keep his air passages open during the seizure.

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Doctors caution against trying to hold down the patient and discourage putting anything in his mouth so that injury resulting from his uncontrollable movement is minimal, explains WebMD. Taking note of his movements and actions during and after the seizure as well as noting the duration of the seizure assists medical professionals in treatment after the fact.

Most patients experience confusion or sleepiness after a seizure, so the responder needs to provide a safe area for rest and remain with the patient until he is fully awake or until help arrives, states WebMD. A medical professional checks the patient for injury. If the cause of the seizure is unknown, the patient requires further assessment to determine the cause and to treat any underlying conditions.

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