What Are Recommended Methods to Last Longer in Intimate Situations?


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Premature ejaculation is most often a result of performance anxiety; taking a more confident approach to sex is the first step in lasting longer. Premature ejaculation is one of the biggest areas of insecurity among men, but there are also other steps that can be taken to prevent it.

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What Are Recommended Methods to Last Longer in Intimate Situations?
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On top of increased confidence, there are several physical things that can be done to help men last longer in bed. Increasing time spent on foreplay can improve the experience and take some of the pressure off penetrative sex. Experts recommend changing up the sexual routine; a slower pace can help a man to last longer while increasing the connection he feels with his partner. The "seven and nine" method, seven fast strokes followed by nine slow ones, can help to delay climax while still providing continued stimulation. Alternating between shallow and deep thrusts is another recommended method.

Kegel exercises can strengthen PC muscles and allow men to last significantly longer. Kegel exercises can be performed by squeezing the muscles used to cut off flow during urination. Three sets of 15 reps per day is the recommended routine, and these can be performed anywhere, making them a realistic option for even the busiest individuals.

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