What Are the Recommended Medical Treatments for a Hemorrhagic Stroke?


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Recommended medical treatments for hemorrhagic stroke include immediate administration of medications to reduce blood pressure and pressure in the brain, often followed by surgery to repair the affected blood vessels, states Mayo Clinic. Doctors administer blood contents to aid blood clotting for people who take medications to prevent blood clotting prior to a hemorrhagic stroke. After initial treatments, stroke patients often benefit from a program of intensive rehabilitation.

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Surgical treatments for hemorrhagic stroke can include surgery to remove excess blood, and thus pressure on the brain, if the stroke is particularly large, explains Mayo Clinic. Other surgical treatments include clamping aneurysms, removing any blood vessel malformations, filling aneurysms with special coils to prevent blood entering the brain and the use of intracranial bypass to ensure necessary blood flow to the brain.

Rehabilitation for hemorrhagic stroke varies from person to person but can include assistance from a dietitian, occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech therapist or psychologist, according to Mayo Clinic. Strokes often affect one side of the body more than the other, and a stroke in one side of the brain tends to decrease the function of the opposite side of the body. Brain damage in the left side of the brain may cause problems with speech and language in general.

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