What Are Some Recommended Forms of Treatment for Calf Scours?


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Recommended treatment for calf scours include nutritional sustenance, thermal support and fluid therapy, which can be administered either orally or intravenously, suggests the Michigan State University Extension. The primary consideration in treating this condition is to replenish lost water and electrolytes.

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Oral rehydration is typically done using an esophageal feeder. The amount of water and electrolytes are carefully regulated to normalize the volume and composition of fluids in a scouring calf. The intravenous approach, which is commonly done when the calf is too sickly, utilizes a catheter that is inserted in the jugular vein. The quantity of administered fluids depends on the animal's size and extent of the disease, notes the Michigan State University Extension.

Nutritional support involves feeding the calf with milk until it regains enough strength to eat on its own. Thermal support ensures that the ailing calf is resting and recovering in a comfortable shelter.

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