What Is the Recommended Dosage and Instructions for Taking GABA?


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There is not enough research regarding GABA as of 2015 to determine an appropriate dosage range, but users may either take the supplement by mouth or under the tongue, states WebMD. Users should consult the product's label as well as a doctor or pharmacist for specific instructions and recommended dosage.

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The appropriate dose of GABA may vary based on factors such as the patient's age and health, according to WebMD. Users take GABA by mouth to reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, reduce anxiety, improve mood and increase lean muscle growth. They take the substance under the tongue to promote a sense of well-being and relieve injuries. Users may choose either method to decrease body fat and increase tolerance to exercise. Working by blocking signals in the brain, GABA is possibly effective for treating high blood pressure and motion sickness, but there is insufficient evidence to support its other uses.

GABA is likely safe to take by mouth for short periods of up to 12 weeks, but pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid use due to a lack of scientific research to verify its safety, warns WebMD. Researchers don't know enough about GABA to know its risks, side effects or interactions with other drugs or substances. Although GABA doesn't naturally exist in the diet, the flavonoids found in fruits, vegetables and tea influence how the substance functions in the brain.

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