What Is the Recommended Dosage for Advil?

recommended-dosage-advil Credit: Education Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

For adults and children 12 and older, the recommended dosage for Advil is one tablet or liquid-filled capsule every four to six hours, according to Everyday Health. Individuals should not take more than six regular-strength tablets or liquid-filled capsules in 24 hours, according to Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

For extra-strength tablets and extra-strength liquid-filled capsules, an individual should not take more than three over a 24-hour period unless instructed to do so by a physician. Advil should be taken exactly as directed by a physician. To reduce stomach upset, Advil can be taken with milk or food, according to Everyday Health. If Advil is taken regularly for an extended period of time, an individual may want to see his doctor to make sure the medication isn't having any negative effects.