What Is the Recommended Diet for Duodenal Ulcers?


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There are no special dietary recommendations for people with duodenal ulcers, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Historical recommendations of bland diets and avoidance of fatty, acidic or spicy foods proved ineffective for people with ulcers. However, doctors advise that individuals experiencing irritation after eating particular foods should avoid those foods.

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Treatment for duodenal ulcers generally relies on lifestyle modifications, such as smoking cessation, and medications to reduce symptoms and eradicate any H. pylori bacterium, which is a major cause of the duodenal ulcers, notes Johns Hopkins Medicine. Doctors prescribe antibiotics to kill off H. pylori, if present, and medicines that control or block the production of stomach acid. Some people with duodenal ulcers may benefit from the use of mucosal protective agents that protect the stomach from acid damage.

When medication and lifestyle changes are ineffective at controlling symptoms, doctors sometimes recommend surgery, reports Johns Hopkins Medicine. Surgical options include a vagotomy, which involves cutting parts of the vagal nerve that sends messages from the stomach to the brain, or an antrectomy, which removes the antrum, which is the lower part of the stomach that produces the hormone responsible for the stomachメs ability to secrete digestive juices. Surgeons use another procedure, a pyloroplasty, to enlarge the small intestine so that food can pass more efficiently from the stomach.

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