What Is a Recommended Diet for Colitis?


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A person with ulcerative colitis should eat healthy foods with plenty of nutrients, such as lean meats, well-cooked grains, soft fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats. The proper diet varies based on the person and the severity of the condition, as it can change over time.

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What Is a Recommended Diet for Colitis?
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Each person has his own food tolerances that the diet has to take into account. A person with ulcerative colitis should eat smaller meals throughout the day, as this is easier for digestion and may reduce symptoms. Certain nutrient rich foods, such as vegetables, can be difficult to digest because of the high fiber content. They can be thoroughly cooked by boiling or steaming for easier digestion.

Foods and drinks that often cause symptoms include alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, spicy foods and nuts. A person should keep a food journal where he tracks everything he eats and how he feels. The journal helps him find out what foods he can eat and which he should avoid. A doctor or dietitian can help create a diet and also recommend supplements.

Linoleic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid called EPA and probiotics all may help reduce stomach irritiation. Linoleic acid comes in healthy fat sources, such as egg yolks and olive oil. EPA can be consumed through fish oil. Probiotics are found in yogurt.

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