What Is the Recommended Diet Before a Standard Colonoscopy?


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A clear liquid diet is recommended before a colonoscopy, and it requires consumption of clear liquids that are quick to digest without leaving any remnants in the intestinal tract, reports Mayo Clinic. Water, pulpless fruit juices, fruit-flavored drinks and gelatin are typical foods in a clear liquid diet. A patient who is about to undergo a colonoscopy should avoid dairy products, acidic juices, and liquids with red or purple dyes, notes Norton Healthcare.

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A clear liquid diet aims to clear the contents of the stomach and intestines in preparation for a procedure such as a colonoscopy, explains Mayo Clinic. It also keeps the body properly hydrated and energized for a short period.

The diet includes strained vegetable juice, honey, sugar, hard candy, and milkless, fruitless and seedless ice pops, according to Mayo Clinic. Cola, root beer and other carbonated drinks are also allowed.

Other types of foods and drinks in a clear liquid diet include creamless coffee, tea, Popsicles, Jell-O, clear broth and Gatorade, suggests Norton Healthcare. Clear drinks, such as Sprite and lemonade, may also be part of the diet, but orange juice and grapefruit juice should be avoided. Because the preparation period is essential for an accurate colonoscopy, it's important to maintain a clear liquid diet and avoid all solid foods as instructed by a doctor.

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