What Are Some Recommendations for Caring for a Patient Who Has Received a Heart Catheter?


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Some of the recommendations for care of a patient who has received a heart catheter include removing the tape and dressing while wet the morning after the procedure, covering the area with a small adhesive bandage, washing the catheter insertion site with soap and water at least once daily, and keeping the area dry and clean when not showering, explains Cleveland Clinic. Additionally, the patient is also advised to avoid using lotions or creams on the site of wound.

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Cardiac catheterization may be performed in two areas: in the femoral artery in the groin and the radial artery in the arm, explains Cleveland Clinic. For femoral cardiac catheterization, patients are recommended not to strain during bowel movements for the first three to four days after the procedure. This prevents bleeding from the insertion site. Patients are also advised to avoid heavy lifting for the first five to seven days after the procedure and to walk down stairs more slowly.

For radial cardiac catheterization, patients should not participate in strenuous activities such as golfing, jogging and bowling for three days after the procedure, explains Cleveland Clinic. In general, they are also advised to take a rest after the procedure and gradually increase activities to normal levels within two days after the surgery.

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