How Do You Recognize Your Twin Flame?


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Recognizing your twin flame essentially comes down to the incredible spiritual unity you feel with that individual. Twin flames are instinctively drawn to one another. Even when they are apart, there is an intense connection that allows them to feel each other's presence. Often, twin flames feel as though they are on the same mental wavelength. They may experience similar feelings, finish one another's sentences, or just feel an incredible and powerful mental or spiritual connection.

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When twin flames meet, they will recognize their connection almost immediately. For many, it will feel as though they have met the second half of their soul. It won't take physical contact for twin flames to feel the union between them; rather, they will feel incredibly connected to one another even before they make physical contact.

Twin flames have a burning desire to be close to one another. When they first meet, they will likely feel as though they've known one another before. Their relationship will begin immediately, and will always be open and trusting. Even across long distances, twin flames will feel connected mentally, spiritually, and even physically. Because of the purity and strength of the love twin flames share, they may find that other people will be drawn to them.

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