How Do You Recognize a Sociopath?


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An oversized ego, a pattern of manipulation and lying, and a general lack of remorse are just three signs that someone is a sociopath. While not all sociopaths turn into dangerous criminals, their traits make them prime candidates for antisocial behavior, notes the Huffington Post.

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Sociopaths have an artificially large sense of self. This means that they manifest considerable narcissism and act with entitlement, often blaming other people for their own shortcomings. Because failure and other unpleasantness are not their fault, they have a difficult time empathizing with others. They lack the emotional inner realms that nonsociopaths have, which means that they have a difficult time feeling or imagining the emotional spectra that other people feel, according to the Huffington Post.

When sociopaths are confronted with their own wrongdoing, they often show no remorse or guilt. In dangerous situations, they have an odd calm that others do not possess. This may explain why it is so easy for them to behave with high levels of impulsivity and irresponsibility. This combination often results in a lack of genuine friendships. Sociopaths actually avoid genuine friendships, because they do not want the responsibility of friendship; they just want the benefit of occasional use, as stated by the Huffington Post.

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