What Is the Recipe for a Nasal Rinse?


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To make a nasal rinse, combine water, baking soda, and pickling or canning salt, instructs the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Use a rubber ear bulb syringe to squeeze the solution into nostrils. Using this saline solution before taking other nasal medications can increase their effectiveness.

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Nasal irrigation is an ancient natural remedy for clearing blocked nasal passages, according to the American Rhinologic Society. Nasal rinses offer a safe and inexpensive method of cleaning out mucus, bacteria and small particles that collect in nasal passages and lead to infections and allergies. The procedure may also help reduce inflammation.

A neti pot makes it easier to dispense nasal rinses. Patients fill the neti pot with a nasal rinse solution, then insert the pot's spout into their nose, reports WebMD. Some patients experience relief of symptoms by using a neti pot as part of their everyday hygiene routine. About 10 percent of neti pot users experience side effects such as nasal stinging and irritation.

Tap water causes health complications for some users of nasal rinses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To avoid infection, users should use boiled, filtered or distilled water. In addition, neti pots and other nasal irrigation devices should be carefully cleaned and allowed to air dry after each use.

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