How Do You Receive Refills From RightSource RX?

How Do You Receive Refills From RightSource RX?

Once a person has a prescription on file with RightSource RX, he can receive refills in a variety of ways, such as logging on to his or her account and ordering, receive a call from RightSource RX as a reminder to order and by calling or mailing in the refill order. RightSource RX is an mail-order pharmacy that supplies prescription medications.

Although people can log into their account and order and pay for a refill , the pharmacy also can call customers to remind them that they need a refill soon. Follow the spoken prompts to enter the information requested, such as the refill medication name and payment options.

The other two options entail either calling the toll-free 800 number given by the company. This is a 24-hour service with an automated system that simply requires that people follow the information requested to get their prescription order. The last option is fill out a refill form supplied by RightSource RX and send it by mail to the address provided on the site in the FAQs section.

In the FAQs section, RightSource RX also has information if customers are ordering for the first time. If a customer needs his prescription in a hurry, then his or her doctor can fax or call in the prescription.

The cost for prescription medications is dependent on the provider's benefit plan. Most of the pertinent information a customer may need are found in the FAQs. If there are other questions, contact RightSource RX.