What Are the Reasons That a Vasectomy Could Fail After Several Years?


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The only reason a vasectomy fails after several years is due to recanalization, which means the vas deferens grow back together, according to WebMD. A vasectomy is a permanent form of birth control but is only 99.85 percent effective.

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There are many advantages of a vasectomy including that it is permanent, and after an initial period, there is no reason to use other birth control methods, explains WebMD. Following the procedure, a man must have sperm count tests, and when the count is zero, the vasectomy is a success. A vasectomy is more affordable and safer than a tubal ligation in women, and medical insurance usually pays for the procedure.

While a vasectomy prevents pregnancy, it does not protect against sexually transmitted infections, states WebMD. If there is a possibility of obtaining a sexually transmitted infection, the man should use condoms. It is possible that a vasectomy is reversible, but the reversal procedure does not have a high rate of success and may not work for all men. If a man decides he wants to father a child after a vasectomy, it is possible that a doctor can remove sperm from the testicles and attempt in-vitro fertilization, but this is expensive and does not always work.

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