What Are Some Reasons Urine Turns Fluorescent Yellow?

Urine turns bright yellow when an individual consumes vitamin supplements, according to Riverside Health System. When an excess amount of the B vitamin riboflavin is present in a person's body, he harmlessly excretes the rest, reports Men's Health. Riboflavin is a neon-yellow color, so it causes urine to turn the same shade. Riboflavin is a critical nutrient and is present in foods including green vegetables, enriched cereals, dairy products and lean meats, as well as in multivitamins.

Urine can turn a variety of shades, with each shade indicating a different situation within the body, according to Riverside Health System. Clear urine indicates a person is taking in excess liquids and may also indicate a liver disorder, such as cirrhosis. Dark yellow or gold urine may indicate dehydration or may be the result of taking certain laxatives or B-complex vitamins.

Blood in the urine may cause pink or red urine, which may indicate the presence of an infection or chronic disease, explains Riverside Health System. Certain foods, including beets, and food dyes as well as some laxatives may cause urine to turn a red or pink shade. Orange urine can be the result of taking certain medications or ingesting certain foods or food dyes. Dehydration and certain laxatives can also turn urine orange.

Blue or green urine is usually a result of taking certain medications, eating certain foods or ingesting food dyes. Dark brown urine may be due to liver disorders, blood in the urine, and certain foods and food dyes, or it may be a side effect of some medications. Cloudy or murky urine may indicate the presence of a urinary tract infection or kidney stones.