What Are Some Reasons for Upper Back Pain?


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Some reasons for upper back pain include soft tissue or muscle problems, injury or trauma and other spine conditions, as Spine Universe indicates. For a doctor to treat upper back pain, he must know the cause.

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The soft tissues supporting the spine can strain or sprain when overuse or misuse occurs. Those soft tissues include ligaments, muscles and tendons. The strain or sprain can be as a result of improper lifting, poor posture or carrying heavy backpacks. Working for long hours while seated behind a desk and with the shoulders hunched or back rounded can strain the back muscles and cause pain to the upper back, explains Spine Universe.

A car accident is a traumatic event that can make the upper back ache for different reasons. For example, during the accident, the vertebra may press on the spinal nerve, or the vertebra may fracture, leading to pain, according to Spine Universe.

Upper back pain can be an indication of spinal conditions such as osteoporosis, infections and problematic kyphosis. Osteoporosis makes the bones weak, easy to fracture and unable to carry the body weight well. People with the condition can develop upper back pain. Both paraspinal abscess and epidural abscess squeeze the nerves of the spine or the spinal cord itself and cause pain. Problematic kyphosis is when the spine curves outward too much, and it can cause upper back pain, says Spine Universe.

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