What Are Some Reasons for Recording a Child Birth?


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A good reason to record childbirth is to share the experience with friends and family, according to Families.com. There is limited space in a delivery room, but with the video tape, family can experience the birth on video.

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What Are Some Reasons for Recording a Child Birth?
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Another good reason to record childbirth is so children can see the videos when they get older, states Families.com. Many kids become curious about their own births, and the video tape lets them see what the experience was like for their parents.

Before bringing a video camera into the hospital room or birthing center, it's best to find out the legalities of video taping, notes About.com. Some hospitals don't allow video cameras or traditional cameras during a delivery, usually because it becomes distracting for the hospital staff. It is essential that the person recording the childbirth stays out of the way of doctors and nurses at all times.

When deciding who will tape the birth, it's a good idea to choose someone who is trusted and has experience using a video camera, suggests About.com. This is ideally not the father, as he needs to assist the mother during the childbirth. Choosing a close friend or family member to record the birth is recommended, as is letting them practice with the camera beforehand so nothing is missed due to technical error.

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