What Are Some Reasons Why People Vomit Blood After Alcohol Consumption?


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A person may vomit blood after alcohol consumption due to ulceration in the digestive tract, according to WebMD. Alcoholic liver cirrhosis also causes bloody vomit, explains Healthline. Alcohol causes inflammation of the stomach lining and bleeding that manifests in form of blood in a person’s vomit.

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A person who drinks alcohol regularly or excessively is at a high risk of getting peptic ulcers. Vomiting of blood that looks like coffee grounds is one symptom of ulceration, reports WebMD. The acidic nature of alcohol causes an imbalance in the digestive juices within the duodenum and stomach. A peptic ulcer may cause bleeding, which appears as blood in vomit and may lead to other emergencies, cautions MedlinePlus.

Excessive alcohol consumption over a prolonged duration leads to liver cirrhosis. Alcohol alters certain substances that the liver contains, impairing its ability to eliminate harmful toxins from the body, explains Healthline. Free radical damage to the liver occurs because an alcoholic’s body has a deficiency of antioxidants. Vomiting blood or bleeding from the mouth is symptomatic of liver cirrhosis.

Alcohol intake inflames the stomach’s protective lining and causes gastritis. When the lining of the stomach bleeds due to subsequent ulceration, a person may vomit blood. Extreme alcoholics are at a high risk of developing erosive gastritis, reports Healthline.

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