What Are Some Reasons You Might Need to Get a Letter From a Doctor?


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Some circumstances that require letters from doctors include applying for Social Security Disability benefits and requesting reasonable accommodation in the workplace for a disability, according to Social Security Disability Help. When obtaining a medical letter for an employer, be sure to ask employers exactly what to include in the letter, and tell doctors to be as specific and detailed as possible when writing the letter.

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When applying Social Security Disability benefits in the United States, a letter from a person's primary care provider can be very helpful, explains Social Security Disability Help. A doctor's letter should state the relevant medical condition, the procedures used to diagnose it, and whether the condition is expected to get better or worsen over time. The letter should also include how the medical diagnosis impacts one's ability to function in everyday life and the ability to maintain employment. The purpose of the doctors' letters in this case is to support and summarize information from people's medical records regarding their disabilities.

Another circumstance that may require a letter from a doctor is when employees are requesting that their employers provide reasonable accommodation for their disabilities in the workplace, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A doctor's letter can support the requests of someone with a disability and confirm how the employer needs to make certain changes to create a successful work environment, which is required by U.S. law.

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