What are some reasons men undergo a penectomy?


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Men typically undergo a partial or complete penectomy to remove penile cancer, usually squamous cell skin carcinoma in uncircumcised men, according to Delta Medix Urology. A penectomy is also sometimes necessary in the case of a life-threatening infection of the penis. The procedure involves surgical removal of a portion of or the entire penis and sometimes the lymph nodes to which the penis and scrotum drain.

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Men who undergo a partial penectomy usually retain their ability to urinate while standing, but they may need to urinate while sitting depending on how much of the penis the doctor removes, notes Delta Medix Urology. In the case of a complete penectomy, the doctor relocates the urethra to perineum, located between the scrotal sac and the anus, which necessitates urinating while seated. Most patients who undergo a penectomy lose their ability to partake in sexual intercourse, which may lead to feelings of depression. Men who feel depressed about their loss of sexual function can speak with their doctors about professional counseling options.

Following the procedure, the doctor may advise the patient to follow a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and to avoid foods that can cause constipation, such as red meat and bananas, notes Delta Medix Urology. This is to prevent straining during bowel movements. Patients can expect to be out of work for two to four weeks following a penectomy.

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