What Are Some Reasons for a Letter From the Dentist?


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A patient may receive a letter from a dentist to provide him with information regarding office personnel and hours, treatment information, and billing and insurance. A dentist may send a letter to other dental practitioners or doctors to communicate information about a patient they both treat. An insurance company may receive a letter from a dentist dealing with a patient's coverage for recommended procedures and to process claims.

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A dentist may send a patient a letter to advise him of changes in staffing or office hours. A new provider may be available to see patients in the office, a provider may be retiring or leaving the practice, the office may be relocating, or there may be a change in office hours. A patient may also receive a letter from a dentist to remind him of an upcoming appointment, outline necessary or recommended treatments or advise him that his treatment is complete. A dentist may also send a letter to a patient that includes a bill for services rendered.

A dentist may send a letter to another dental provider or a doctor to advise the provider of pertinent information regarding a patient he is referring or to communicate the outcome of treatment he has provided. A dentist sends correspondence to insurance companies seeking approval for procedures patients need and submitting claims for reimbursement for services rendered.

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