What Are Some Reasons for Lawsuits Against Dentists?


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Patients sue their dentists for negligence related to dental implants, endodontic procedures and tooth extractions, reports DentistryIQ. A patient may also sue a dentist for failure to diagnose oral cancer, negligence while administering dental injections, or failure to diagnose or treat gum disease in a timely manner.

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Nerve impingement, recurrent infections, loose implants and perforation of body cavities are some of the complications associated with dental implants, states Dr. Arthur Chal. These complications aren't always the result of negligence, but they can occur when a dentist uses unapproved implant materials or takes unsafe shortcuts while performing procedures.

Complications associated with endodontic procedures include infections, nerve damage, sinus perforation and dental instruments left in the oral cavity, states DentistryIQ. Some infections are so serious that they cause brain abscesses. If a dentist is negligent while performing endodontic procedures, infection can also spread to the bones, a condition called osteomyelitis.

Negligence during a tooth extraction can lead to death or permanent injury, according to Robert Gittleman Law Firm. A patient may file a lawsuit if an extraction results in nerve injuries, perforation of the sinus cavity, jaw fractures or severe infections. Instrument slippage may also result in burns or cuts to the surrounding tissue. Removal of excessive gum tissue or bone is another example of negligence that may lead to a lawsuit.

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