What Are Some Reasons to Get Your Gallbladder Removed?


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Reasons for gallbladder removal include gallstone disease, or cholelithiasis; cholecystitis, which is inflammation of the gallbladder; and biliary dyskinesia, when the gallbladder doesn't fill or empty properly, states Healthline. Another reason is choledocholithiasis, which is the occurrence of gallstones in the bile duct, interfering with the drainage of the gallbladder.

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Surgery to remove the gallbladder may be necessary if gallstones cause abdominal pain, according to Healthline. Gallstones may trigger infections that cause bloating and other complications. Symptoms of gallbladder problems that may require surgery include yellowing of the skin and piercing pain that occurs in upper part of the abdomen, radiating to other parts of the body, possibly accompanied by nausea and fever. Doctors may choose to remove a diseased gallbladder using laparoscopic surgery or an open cholecystectomy, depending on the severity of the disease and whether it has affected nearby areas.

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