What Are Some Reasons That Feet and Legs Are Painful and Swollen?


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There are several possible causes for swelling and pain in the feet and legs, such as preeclampsia and venous insufficiency, according to MedicineNet. Additionally, having lymphedema can also cause these symptoms, as WebMD explains.

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Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-related complication that can cause sudden and excessive swelling in the feet and legs. If this condition occurs, it is generally after the 20th week of pregnancy, and it results in a high blood pressure reading and the development of protein in the urine, according to WebMD.

Venous insufficiency can cause pain and swelling in the legs if the valves of veins weaken, causing blood to leak back down into the lower extremities. Skin changes, ulcers and infections can also occur as a result of having chronic venous insufficiency, according to WebMD.

Lymphedema can potentially cause pain and swelling in both feet and legs because of a blockage of lymph fluid in the lymph nodes or lymph vessels, according to Medical News Today. This condition can cause mild to severe symptoms, including aches, discomfort, a restricted range of motion, recurring skin infections and thickening of the skin, as Mayo Clinic explains. Lymphedema is more commonly experienced by patients who have received radiation treatment for cancer, according to WebMD.

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