What Are Some Reasons Why Exercise Is Important?


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Exercise is important to help prevent excess weight gain or to help with weight loss. It also boosts a person's high-density lipoproteins, or "good" cholesterol, and decreases a person's risk for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, some cancers, stroke and other health concerns. Exercise boosts the mood by increasing brain chemicals that help a person be happier. It helps lower the risk of depression and stress, as well.

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Physical exercise also gives a person more energy and stamina. It boosts the cardiovascular system and helps deliver oxygen to all parts of the body so that it functions better. Also, it can help delay a person's aging process by boosting chemicals that prevent degeneration of his hippocampus, which helps stave off memory loss.

Exercise leads to better sleep and even a better sex life. It helps a person look and feel better, have a better posture and be more flexible and relaxed. When people exercise, their creativity is boosted as much as two hours afterwards. They are also more productive when they work out of a regular basis.

Exercise can also help a person control addiction because the same chemical is released as it is in response to sex, drugs, food and alcohol. This helps a person redirect their attention from addictions and reset their body's clock.

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