What Reasons Cause Elderly Persons to Lose Their Balance?


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Loss of balance with age is common and has a variety of possible causes, including hearing loss, eye problems, blood pressure, arthritis and other muscular ailment. The result of aging usually triggers the onset of these symptoms and create balance problems.

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The inner ear contains a balance center called the vestibular system that detects where the body is in space. It's essentially how the body measures which muscles to use. Being unable to see properly is also a common cause for loss of balance among the elderly. A dip in blood pressure can create a light-headed or dizzy feeling, causing the person to have a sudden loss of control. If the elderly already have a problem with balance, a sudden jump in their blood pressure can make the situation more hazardous. It is important for the elderly to drink lots of water as dehydration can also cause a loss of balance.

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