What Are Some Reasons for Bruising Easily?


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Causes for easily bruising include a low platelet count, leukemia, factor X deficiency, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and disseminated intravascular coagulation, states Healthline. Additional conditions or causes for bruising easily are hemophilia A, hemophilia B or Christmas disease, kidney failure and celiac disease.

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Easily bruising occurs as a result of capillaries under the skin breaking too easily and regularly, according to Healthline. When a capillary breaks, blood leaks into the tissue surrounding the capillary and causes the discoloration associated with bruising. In some cases, easier bruising is related medications or aging, especially among women as skin becomes thinner and more delicate. Some types of medications that can lead to easier bruising include aspirin, warfarin, steroids and blood thinners.

Common types of testing to determine the cause of easy bruising include blood tests to measure platelet counts and testing to determine how quickly the blood clots, explains Healthline. A person who is experiencing swelling or pain associated with bruising should apply a cold compress to the area. Swelling or pain associated with bruising of the arm or leg is first treated by elevating the extremity and applying a cold compress for 20 minutes. When swelling is reduced, a warm compress is applied to assist in blood reabsorption.

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