What Are Some Reasons for Blurry Vision With Toric Contact Lenses?

If toric contact lenses rotate out of alignment, the wearer experiences blurry vision, AllAboutVision.com explains. If the individual has worn the lenses for a long time, deposits can cause blurriness. Worsening eye sight can also cause blurry vision.

Toric lenses are a type of contact lens worn by people with astigmatism. The power of the prescription varies from the top half of the lens to the bottom half of the lens, similar to bifocal glasses. Common causes of lens rotation are dry eyes and poor fit, according to AllAboutVision.com. Wearers can remedy dryness of the eyes using eye drops. If the cause of the rotation is poor fit, it is best to try a different brand of toric lenses.

Other causes of blurriness include deposits on the lenses, which can impede the line of sight or cause the contacts to rotate out of alignment, notes AllAboutVision.com. Wearers of toric lenses may experience blurry vision because their prescriptions have changed.