What Was the Reason for the Latest Tylenol Recall?


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As of November 2015, the latest Tylenol recall occurred over its children's formulation because the medicine contained a metal substance, according to Reuters. This substance contaminated the product.

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In addition to the metal contaminate, the drug also had an odor to it, as Reuters reports. The medicine also contained labeling issues that included several problems with incorrect words in the directions on how to use the drug. McNeil Consumer Healthcare is the maker of the Tylenol drug and a subsidiary company of Johnson & Johnson. The company agreed to pay approximately $25 million to close the case with the Department of Justice, and the subsidiary company pleaded guilty to one federal charge in the case.

Due to the recall, the company experienced a 19 percent decrease in sales, according to Reuters. This occurrence was the first time that the company saw sales decline since World War II. McNeill Consumer Healthcare made a statement that indicated the implementation of new health measures before the reopening of the business.

The company recalled about 128,000 bottles during the course of the recall, according to ABC News, and the company experienced this type of contamination before 2010. Tribromoanisole is the metal chemical responsible for the contamination the drugs.

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