Are There Any Real Health Benefits of Drinking Noni Juice?


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As of 2015, early research studies provide insufficient evidence on the health benefits of noni juice, according to WebMD. It is used for many ailments, but scholars have not established its effectiveness. The FDA warned manufacturers of the juice against making claims of its benefits without supporting scientific evidence.

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Noni juice might have health benefits even though the available evidence for the benefits is incomplete or insufficient, notes WebMD. Preliminary studies suggest that a daily dosage of noni juice leads to an improvement in the pain and function in cancer patients, but there is no reduction in tumor size. In other claims, taking 3 ounces of the juice for 90 days reportedly reduces the need for pain-relieving medicine in osteoarthritis patients. A scientific study by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine on the health benefits of the noni juice is currently ongoing in 2015, notes WebMD. The conclusion of the study may provide a guideline on the advantages and effects of using the juice.

The consumption of noni as food might be safe, but when ingested in medicinal amounts, there are concerns that it could be unsafe, claims WebMD. Scholars fear that Noni juice can potentially cause liver damagein individuals that consume it for medicinal value.

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