How Do You Read LabCorp Test Results?

Questions about tests and their results should be directed to the doctor who ordered them, according to LabCorp. Test results are available to residents of the United States who register with LabCorp Beacon: Patient, which is a free web-based service.

While doctors are the primary interpreters of test results for their patients, LabCorp's appendices to various topics may provide some assistance in deciphering test results. For example, by using LabCorps's Lipid appendix and its Test Menu, it is possible to access information about the relevance of cholesterol levels to cardiovascular disease prediction. Even here, however, Labcorp cautions that its risk assessment tools are intended to assist clinicians in the evaluation process concerning the disease and not to serve as a substitute for clinical judgement. Nevertheless, patients can understand some information in this appendix, which may help them in considering the significance of certain test results for cardiovascular diseases.

For information regarding health concerns, patients can access the Resources tab at the top of LabCorp's Results page. This page also allows patients to access the site's Health Videos section and its Health Library. Requisitioning physicians receive LabCorp test results before their patients do, and for certain tests, such as a Pap test, patients can only view results that are within the normal range and only when approved by the physician. Otherwise, patients must contact the physician to receive their test results, as Labcorps explains.