How Do You Read an Iridology Eye Chart?


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To read an iridology chart, inspect each individual section of the eye to see to what body part the section corresponds. Both the left and the right eyes correspond to different body parts, and iridologists inspect these sections to determine how to best treat tissue and organ damage around the human body. Depending on the state of the eyes and the sections, practitioners personalize a variety of treatment plans for their patients.

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Iridology is a form of alternative medicine that utilizes an eye chart to determine the patient's overall state of health. The patterns, colors and other aspects of the patient's eyes determine their condition and therefore their treatment patterns, according to this style of medicine.

To gain the most information from their patients' eyes, iridologists use flashlights, cameras and magnifying glasses to inspect the patient's eyes to determine if there have been any health changes. Most charts are divided into upwards of 90 zones, though some offices may have variations in their charts.

As of 2015, there is no significant evidence or research that suggests that iridology is capable of providing patients with medical results, and medical professionals encourage patients to seek traditional therapies and treatment options over iridology and other forms of alternative medicine.

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