How Do You Read a Height and Weight Scale?

To read weight on a balance scale, slide the sliders on the number bar to the far left and then step on the scale. Balance weight evenly on both feet. Slide the first slider to the right on the bar with numbered increments of five until the bar balances evenly.

If the bar does not balance, move to the second bar with numbered increments of 50 to the right. When the bar is balanced, both ends of the bar are parallel to the floor with neither side dipping down. If you find a segment that is nearly balanced, but the bar doesn't stay parallel, slide the top bar to the right again until it balances. Add the numbers from the two bars together. For example, when the larger slider is pointing to 150 and the smaller slider is pointing to 10, the correct weight is 160 pounds.

To measure height, turn your back to the measuring rod on the back of the scale and ensure that both feet are flat. Pull the silver sliding rod up and rest the perpendicular arm on the top of the head. Hold the rod in place and step off of the scale. Check the bottom of the measuring rod for your height in inches. Divide that number by 12 to get the proper height in feet and inches; for example, if the chart reads 64 inches, the correct height is 5 foot 4 inches.