How Do You Read an Answer Pregnancy Test?

read-answer-pregnancy-test Credit: Sarah Neff/CC-BY 2.0

According to Sasha Emmons for Parents magazine, an Answer Quick & Simple Early Result Pregnancy Test simply shows one or two lines after a wait of three minutes in response to a woman's urine sample. One line indicates a woman is not pregnant, while two lines indicate she is pregnant. The second line may be faint, but Emmons states that this still suggests a positive test result.

There are rare occasions when an Answer test shows no lines at all. In this case, it means the test malfunctioned for some reason and must be redone. Parent Profiles explains that Answer has two types of pregnancy tests available for women. The Answer Quick & Simple Early Result Pregnancy Test is designed for women who want to test themselves for a possible pregnancy before they experience a missed period. It is not intended for use more than three days prior to a missed period. The basic Answer pregnancy test is available for women to take when they believe their period is late. Both tests are simple to do and easy to read.

According to Parent Profiles, the tests claim to provide results within a 99 percent accuracy range, but the Answer Quick & Simple Early Result Pregnancy Test might not be as dependable because it attempts to predict pregnancies earlier than usual.