What Do You Do If You're Concerned About an Elderly Driver?


Several steps can be taken if an elderly driver, who is showing signs of poor decisions behind the wheel, does not respond to discussions with family members. The senior care website Caring.com recommends the following actions.

Ask trusted family friends if they can help. Research indicates that older drivers are more willing to listen to a trusted friend than a family member when it comes to driving, notes Caring.com. Discuss the matter only with the closest friends of the senior who are concerned with his best interests to see if they are willing to help. Consider also talking with the elderly driver's primary care doctor. Discuss why you believe the person's driving skills have declined to the point he is dangerous. At the next appointment, the physician can examine the driver with this information in mind and assess and advise the patient accordingly.

In some states, physicians are required to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles if a patient suffers from a condition that affects driving safely, reports Caring.com. Contact the driver's eye doctor if the senior's vision is the concern. If these steps do not cause the unsafe driver to stop driving, file a report with the Department of Motor Vehicles.