Does the Raw Food Diet Require Meal Preparation?


Though raw food is not cooked in the traditional method of applying heat, there are somewhat elaborate raw food recipes available that can require extensive food prep. For example, layered raw lasagnas requires extensive preparation for each layer of the dish. Even simple raw food recipes, such as a raw soup, require prepping, chopping and blending ingredients, though the cooking process stops before any heat is applied.

Raw foodists, as they are sometimes called, may not eat cooked food, but they still enjoy meals that taste good and are prepared to ensure a variety of flavor and texture sensations. Some of these foods require elaborate preparation, such as a faux cheese made of nuts that must be soaked for hours before they are blended together with a variety of other raw ingredients, including nutritional yeast, salt and lemon juice. Even a simple raw salad may require preparation such as washing, chopping and tossing ingredients in addition to mixing together a homemade dressing. Some people adhering to a pure raw food diet may shy away from processed ingredients like vinegar, while others may incorporate some meats into their diet so long as they are safe to consume raw.