Do Raw Apricot Seeds Help Treat Cancer?


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Despite serious health risks, people have used the inner part of the apricot seed to treat cancer, says WebMD. No strict clinical trials have validated the use of apricot seeds to treat cancer, according to Drugs.com.

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Administration of the inner part of the apricot seed is via mouth or as an injection to treat cancer. It contains amygdalin, a toxic chemical that the body converts to cyanide. Researchers thought that the cancer cells took up amygdalin first and converted it to cyanide, allowing the highly toxic cyanide to harm only the tumor. Research shows, however, that amygdalin converts to cyanide in the stomach, and the body then absorbs it, explains WebMD. The use of amygdalin to treat cancer, also known as laetrile therapy, has resulted in cyanide poisoning and death, and the Food and Drug Administration has banned it, claims Drugs.com.

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