How Do You Rate Dentists Online?

How Do You Rate Dentists Online?

Rate dentists online at Though there are quite a few ratings sites for the medical industry, is a ratings site for the dental profession only. This allows for a faster search than other medical industry review sites.

To rate a dentist on, reviewers can enter the name of either the dentist or the practice in the search field in the center of the home page. Reviewers can also browse dentists by location by clicking the blue bold location text above the search field. By clicking the location, a list of all dentists in that area appears. Click on the desired dentist, and the assigned profile page appears. Click on the Add Review tab in the Reviews section.

Prior to rating a dentist, reviewers are required to sign in or sign up if not already a registered patient. After this is completed, a review can be posted. In addition to a written review, utilizes a five-star ranking system in a number of categories: Personality, Medical/Dental Knowledge, Results/Procedure, Painless and Overall. Patient Confidence and Patient Satisfaction round out the list.

Because utilizes national dental databases, dentists and dental practices do not sign up to be listed on it, allaying any reviewers' suspicions that their dentists have paid to be reviewed well.

All reviews are kept anonymous, allowing for a more honest review. It is the responsibility of the reviewer to be familiar with rules regarding ratings and reviews.