How Does Rat Poison Affect Humans?

rat-poison-affect-humans Credit: Mike Licht/CC-BY 2.0

Various different kinds of rat poisons may affect humans by causing nosebleeds, bleeding gums, bloody urine, bloody diarrhea, loss of hair, bruising and lethargy, according Individuals who believe they have ingested rat poison should seek medical aid as soon as possible.

The majority of rat poisons use blood thinners or thallium sulfate as major ingredients. The symptoms exhibited by humans after ingestion are similar between these two types of poison. A major concern when a human ingests rat poison is that the symptoms may not show until a day or two after the initial intake, states The fact that the effects of poisoning may not show up right away means it's vital to a person's health to seek medical attention as soon as they realize that rat poison has been ingested.

If a person exhibits multiple symptoms of rat poisoning the Poison Control Center should be contacted for assistance with administering immediate aid, reports Poison Control can provide vital life-saving assistance once callers communicate what type of poison has been ingested. The number for the Poison Control Center is 1-800-222-1222. Even individuals who are unsure if they are experiencing symptoms of rat poison should call Poison Control for confirmation.