What Are the Most Rare Symptoms of an Abdominal Hernia?

The more rare symptoms of an abdominal hernia include testicular pain and swelling when a piece of intestine protrudes through abdominal muscle into the scrotum, as Mayo Clinic reports. Sometimes, the abdominal wall traps or incarcerates a section of intestine leading to a dangerous condition known as strangulation. Symptoms include intense pain, a bulge that turns purple or red, nausea and fever.

Some abdominal hernias are painless and manifest no symptoms, but many display themselves as a bulge of protruding intestine in the groin area, according to Mayo Clinic. The bulge becomes more apparent when the patient stands, coughs or strains while bending or lifting.

Sometimes, the patient can press the bulge back into the abdomen while in a prone position. Other common symptoms include a heaviness, weakness or sense of pressure near the hernia. However, most hernias that descend into the scrotum cause little or no pain, according to WebMD.

An incarcerated portion of intestine becomes strangulated when it is trapped in the abdominal wall and the patient or doctor is unable to cause the hernia to re-enter the abdomen by pushing or massaging it, as stated by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. The condition obstructs the blood flowing through the intestine and can be life-threatening. Patients who experience the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of hernia strangulation should contact their health care providers immediately.