What Are Some Rare Skin Diseases?


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Peeling skin syndrome is a rare condition that causes sections of skin to peel spontaneously, the National Organization for Rare Disorders explains. The peeling is generally painless, but the skin may develop redness, blistering or itchiness.

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Benign chronic pemphigus is a painful condition that causes raw, blistered skin to form in sensitive areas, such as the neck, groin, armpits and under the breasts, according to Genetics Home Reference. The skin may crust over, leading to itchiness or burning sensations, and environmental factors such as moisture and ultraviolet exposure may increase discomfort.

Piebaldism is a hereditary condition in which an individual has a patch of white hair near the forehead and sections of whitened skin on the face, limbs and trunk that have less pigmentation than the surrounding areas, the National Organization for Rare Disorders states. The person may also have white eyebrows and eyelashes.

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